Tadashi Yoshimura. Joyous Childbirth Changes the World.

Dr.Tadashi Yoshimura is my relatively new discovery and is a real gem.

Having graduated from the Medical school and having inherited his father’s clinic, he jumped from the medical childbirth to natural birth. His practice shows that it is not the top notch latest technologies that make birth safer and easier but the woman's initiative and responsibility over the process.

Dr.Yoshimura describes babies born without crying, directly into the arms of their mothers, and women so transformed by giving birth that they are joyous and forever changed. Instead of a medical disaster in need of intervention, Dr.Yoshimura describes a transcendent natural process made possible by the innate power of women and revealing what he calls a "mystic birth".

The book is an easy read, combines the facts from Dr.Tadashi's biography, practice, vision, the whole perception of birth and his unusual approach to the pregnancy flow, activities and nutrition during that stage as well. The book is filled with positive stories and happy outcomes.

His cesarean rate was around 5% (WHO recommendation is 10-15%) and in the developed countries these days it is 50% and above.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND read as it changes the whole modern approach to pregnancy and birth.