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Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Many women start getting prepared for their Big day only when they get pregnant and that's fine. In this case the formula "The less you know, the better" doesn't work these day, but exactly the opposite.

There are many options nowadays to get educated and many of them are very affordable or cost nothing.

Internet is filled with free trials, classes, literature, blogs, videos - as long as there is a will.

My personal choice is books and live interaction. Live interaction gives you other energy, the sensation that you are not alone on this path, different emotions (in most cases in exchange with the others), human interaction, gentle hands' touch (when it comes to practicals) and at the end of the day, not only you learn from the knowledgeable person (for me, preferably a mother herself) but also share these sacred "pregnant" moment with the women in the same condition. This is precious!

In this post i've gathered several books, not "main stream" literature that, in my opinion, give you a good background knowledge, explain the mechanisms of birth and are very inspirational ones.

As there is abundance of literature out there, you definitely can find something according to your liking.


- Dr.Tadashi Yoshimura (Japan). Joyous Childbirth Changes The World.

- Dr.Grantly Dick-Read (UK). Childbirth Without Fear.

- Dr.Michel Odent (France). Birth Reborn.

The Scientification of Love.

Do We Need Midwives.


- Ina May Gaskin (US). Guide to Childbirth.


- Sheila Kitzinger. Rediscovering Birth.

PT, Doula, Childbirth educator:

- Penny Simkin. The Birth Partner.

I find that these books will give you a complete overview of what Birth IS and what it Should Be.