Ina May Gaskin.Guide to Childbirth

This book is an example when, first of all, you can hardly stop reading and, second of all, you make lots of notes, bookmarks and highlights. I “swallowed” it in a glimpse of an eye, hardly took me two days to finish it. Having read two books of the same writer, I should point out how different they are and that they both produced different impressions on me.

I found the "Guide to Childbirth" to be utterly beautiful. Each chapter is written in a simple and clear language, straight to the point with no rambling thoughts here and there. The information is based on profound scientific research as well as brilliantly supported material with personal practice and evidence.

The book is intended for male and female audience, those who are going to become parents or who already have but in search for the next better pregnancy and birth experience or outcome. Any type of reader could potentially profit from reading this book by enlarging the boundaries of understanding the aspect of birth. Not only it inspires women to believe in the ability to have natural labour, it also eliminates fear and boosts the courage to do so. Having covered pregnancy, first-time birth, C-section or VBACs and much more, the book gives a harmonious picture of the power of a female body and organism to perform the miracle of birth by itself. I would highly recommend this book for reading.

What did I enjoy most about this book?

I liked the homogenous structure of the book. I also enjoyed that in a relatively small one, so much valuable information is covered. Basically, everything that an expectant mother needs to be aware of when talking about birth without putting too much science into it.

All the guidelines are on the surface, just need to be paid attention to.