Diana's Story.

11.10.2017 Diana & Eva.

It’s a miraculous story when the woman’s body is working while she feels no pain at all.

Would you like to know more?

I think that the story should be told a bit earlier than the day of birth, actually.

It’s absolutely essential to mention that Diana is a your lady who focuses a lot on her health and fit body. Yes, her body is amazing and even during pregnancy hasn’t changed much.

We met at the hospital and when i arrived, she was all relaxed and at peace.

In the morning in the hospital we went for breakfast to the coffee shop, walked around the hospital, she even did squats and other exercises. As we walked upstairs, she continued with yoga for a while, then water bath, some activities and then shower.

There were no contractions, no unpleasant sensations. But her body was working! Full dilation in a relatively short time.

As her baby was around 4kg, it took her slightly longer to birth her during the 2nd stage. She was offered episiotomy a couple of times with the forecast to tear badly and brutally, however, Diana knew her options and she had her vision of birth, she sticked to her choices.

She also chose to birth vertically, on the birthing stool, as she knew the advantages of that position and her lovely husband was a good back support behind her.

The baby appeared rather fast and there were no tears present.

Beautiful mama! Beautiful story! Beautiful birth!