Betti Birth Reborn

The project was officially born 2 years ago, however, the first idea about it appeared in 2014, when i was expecting my first daughter.

At that time i was in Italy, in quite a rural area with little to offer for expecting women. Apart from childbirth classes in the nearby town (1.30h away on foot as i had no local driving license and no public transport around) and the visits to the hospital for the monthly checks, there was nothing else.

Quite depressing, to be honest, but at least i had my books and internet.

It was then, when i got to know about Doulas and this wonderful profession of assisting women throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

As an open-minded person, always eager to try something new, i never sticked to the idea "Everybody gives birth and i will". I wanted it to be a special experience, based on the well-informed choices with the supporting people around, someone professional and knowledgeable outside of the family circle and outside of the hospital environment.

Experience also shows that nowadays to give birth, fully depending on your doctor and his/her routine (just because "The doctor knows best") is a short sighted approach (unfortunately!). Don't get me wrong, the statement is made not to offend anybody but to stress the fact that there is SO much evidence based information and researches out there, that to stick to one opinion may not bring you to the desired outcome of Birth.

As the memory of Birth of your own child will stay with you forever, you have a chance to plan it go well and carefully prepare for it. I'll say more: the earlier you start, the better!

My experience (with my own 2 births and the births of my mamas) shows that the happy and successful outcome of birth is the result of physical, mental and informational preparation.

You beg to differ? Follow my posts, testimonials from my mamas and maybe their birth stories (not everybody is willing to share), join us for the regular events and birth with confidence!

P.s.: i never managed to find a doula for my first baby as nobody even heard of one, however, with my second baby, when fully practicing as a doula myself, i found a very good one and she served this role exactly how it is meant to be!