A Story from Ukraine.

Ukraine. Kate, a mother of Roman. 5.03.17

(Translated from Russian)

I was young when we got married, 23yo, and don’t think i was quite ready to become a mom. So, when i was pregnant, i thought i would probably want an epidural as everybody around is talking about excruciating pain in labor..Then, while attending the labor class, the more they talked about pushing, the more i wanted C-section.

When my labor actually started, I got into my shower for a while, bit that didn’t help my back labor as much as walking did. In the hospital they kept offering to lie down for different reasons (to rest, to check the heart rate) but i didn’t want to. I liked walking. It felt right. And so i did, kept walking and squatting. Nobody told me about it, it came instinctively.

Pushing turned out to be an easier part, a nurse was even holding a mirror so i could see my progress while i was pushing. I had a burning sensation for a while but there was no episiotomy or tears at the end.

My labor took 8 hours overall but after the arrival of my son i felt more happy than tired.

My husband wasn’t allowed in the public hospital to accompany me, but doulas were.

I didn’t have one as i knew little about such help in labor but now i feel that it could be very beneficial.

Birth turned out not to be scary at all, i don't understand why there is so much misconceptions around it.