Девочки, хочу поделиться эмоциями после массажа. Обычно не пишу комментариев, а тут так впечатлилась, что не могу не написать!

У меня 36ая неделя, хожу большим неуклюжим шариком, вроде бы ходить ещё 4 недели, но я так устала, вот бы родить уже. 

Нашла Наталию через Инстаграм по хэштэгам и решила попробовать.

Сначала был массаж мексиканским шарфом, очень недолгий, минут 5-7, необычный, я о таком даже не знала, но поясницу и бёдра отлично расслабил.

А вторая часть была с маслом и тёплым травяным компрессом - вот тут я улетела высоко в облака от счастья!

Всем советую это испытать, обязательно побалуйте себя.

Я непременно воспользуюсь беременным состоянием, чтобы попасть на массаж ещё пару раз.

Ирина, 36 недель.

To write a review is the least we can do for Natalia. The whole experience of working with her was very warm, informal but professional and positive. She helped me to see the birthing process from a totally different angle, not like my mom did. So, when the time came for our Pumpkin to arrive, there was no fear left but the joy of birthing her into this world.

Finding Natalia was the right choice and also our luck, and with the next baby we’ll do it again.



We had our 2nd baby with Natalia. And i should say that to deliver with a Doula is a much better experience. Even my husband, who was skeptical at first, fully agreed with me on that.

Thank you, Natalia.

Veronika, 31yo

I knew from the beginning that i didn't want my husband to be present at birth. I found Natalia and everything went well. Small stitches as a reminder that I've had a baby but it has nothing to do with the doula's support. I loved it!

Anna, 26yo

With Natalia and her support i felt that me and my birth mattered. Its an important feeling as at the end it was me who was doing all the work - not the medical staff. I actually felt that they were even unnecessary as i saw the doctor only last minute. Next time i'll go back to my home country to birth at home.

Lots of love from Marina, 29yo.

My birth was long and exhausting, i thought i would never end. But as a reward i'm cuddling my Lucy in my arms. All the tough moments are far behind and i cannot get enough of my daughter.

If i have time, i'll write a complete birth story and will share with the others.

Natalia was with me from the moment i got admitted into the hospital. Thank you, dear, i will recommend you to all my friends.

Best of luck with uneasy mamas like me.

Hugs, Andrea, 24yo