BettiBirth project was inspired and launched after the arrival of my first daughter. That birth was a traumatic experience for me and i had to find my healing path, which took a long time. Becoming a birth professional and a doula was the best decision made. 

After 2,5 years i gave birth to my second daughter absolutely physiologically with no intervention but mental help of the birthing team including my doula. I was ready for it. I totally embraced the whole birthing experience. I owned my birth. I'm happy and grateful. I did it.


I continue my studies on the daily basis and i started to teach others. What do i teach? I teach a path to yourself, how to accept the gift of nature to be a woman and how to naturally birth a new life into this world. The concept of birth itself is beautiful and it is a memorable experience that will stay with you forever. With the right approach to birth, good support and comforting tools throughout the hours of labour the desired goal can be achieved. 


Is it easy? For some people-yes, for some-no but it's a tremendous passage to rediscover yourself as a woman and a mother. I do not work with practices that have no evidence background. I do not do woodoo. I work individually with a woman and her psychological and physiological characteristics. I provide comfort and support.


I love Nature and I believe that it has given us with our own birth all the necessary resources and foundation we need for life.

Natalia Betti
Birth Professional  and Doula